Crystal Wisdom for Today

A bleak, overcast day in Perth, sees the sun shrouded behind grey. There is a sense of calmness after the storm has passed and a silence has descended.
The reading today is using The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian. The energy of the crystals resonates with my connection to the earth and I have been using minerals and crystals in healing and communicating with their individual and group consciousness for more than 15 years.

CHAROITE - the stone for the Path of Service - The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian

CHAROITE – the stone for the Path of Service – The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian

It still astounds me what you can learn from these beautiful inhabitants of the earth if you are willing to tune in and listen in an abstract sort of a way. They are simple souls and use a type of communication which is part telepathy, part sensory, part inner knowing.
The card chosen is the Path of Service – CHAROITE. A divine purple in colour with the occasional smidge of black and white, I feel this stone reminds us that there is always more than one side to a story. My side, your side and the truth! Following our path of service may not always run smoothly as we face the battle of the ego, competitiveness, rejection, condemnation and personal insecurities. But through continuing to assist others (when they ask for it) and learning to give unconditionally, expecting nothing in return, working on our own self-critical nature and allowing love and light to become a constant in out life, brilliant progress can be made.
The Path of Service reminds us that we are all one and by helping others we are helping ourselves and ultimately giving back the Universe and reconnecting with our Divine Self.
They say charity starts at home but should not stay there, so love yourself fully so that you can spread your Light to others in your family and community.

Wishing you the opportunity today to show others that you have a caring and sharing nature.


Wesak Festival of Light – Celebrating the Buddha

Preparations are well under way for this year’s spiritually-based festival Wesak Festival being held in Perth on our long weekend Monday holiday – 1 JUNE 2015.
This is always a powerful and incredibly charged unique event. A host of inner-plane Masters grace us with their energetic presence including the Buddha and Christ was well as Guardians of the Earth, a range of Ascended Masters including Metatron, Mahatma and Melchizedek and Cosmic Beings of Light.

It is a potent time where Divine Light is more easily received, integrated and transformed into wisdom.
I love guiding the meditations, playing the crystal singing bowls and the North American Indian hoop drums which gently bring about healing through vibration and words.

Meeting in a spiritual and/or sacred way to the celebrate the Buddha not only benefits the individual on their spiritual path but aids the healing and progress of Mother Earth. With the presence of the Cosmic and Spiritual Hierarchy:
* Any obstacle can be released.
* Spiritual acceleration and clarity is enhanced.
* Connection with your Soul, Soul family and Monad is heightened.
* Significant healing can take place.

If you would like to join us please contact Lisa on 9355 5331 or 0439 939 508 so catering and room placement can be arranged.

Wesak Flyer 2015

Symphony of Peace Prayers – Another Successful Gathering

I had a wonderful day sharing prayers for world peace and harmony and playing the crystal singing bowls for the gathering.
The Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) is an annual event held worldwide bringing together people from all spiritual and religious practices. It was first held in 2005 at Fuji Sanctuary in Japan, hosted by Byakko Shinko Kai, an international grassroots organisation dedicated to world peace and the elevation of humanity’s consciousness through prayer and other activities and initiatives for peace.

May Peace Prevail on Earth was first introduced in 1955 by Masahisa Goi, the late founder of Byakko Shinko Kai.

May peace prevail on Earth

May peace be in our homes and countries

May our missions be accomplished

We thank you, guardian deities and guardian spirits.

You can say this little prayer any time to bring peace and harmony you and the world.

I thank the organisers Maryanne, Elaine and John for their invitation again this year, my third time, and I look forward to joining them again next year.

Symphony of Peace Prayers

As I sit finalising the Divine earth energies I am putting into the prayer I have chosen to be offered up at today’s Symphony of Peace Prayers being held in Bicton, Perth, I am feeling truly humbled.
The unconditional love and support offered by Mother Earth can, at times, be overwhelming. I encourage you to put your grounding connections down into the heart of the Mother at every opportunity to help you to remain stable, balanced and charged with vitality.
This is especially important with all the energetic changes occurring at the moment. There is a lot of instability, earthquakes and the like, indicating that we are entering a time of purging – release of negativity and blocks – so that we can once again progress with a determined faith that cannot be hampered.
People of many faiths and religions will be offering their prayers for world peace today – Baha’i, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist, to name a few.

I have chosen an Apache Blessing to honour Mother Earth, the Shamans of the world and every living being whom inhabits this beautiful world.

Blog - Apache Prayer

We live in such a beautiful world, may your eyes be opened to the immense beauty that surrounds you and give gratitude every day. I hope you have a day full of  blessings.

Face the Storm

Everyone needs sailing lessons at some point in their life. We need to be able take control of our emotions so that we are not tossed by the storms that are other people’s negative thoughts and feelings.

Become the captain of your own destiny by protecting yourself daily in a pink and gold semi-permeable bubble allowing you to stay calm and collected in any storm.

Autumn – A Time to Reflect

As the days become shorter and the mornings and evenings have that ever so slight chill, it is time to reflect on what is ready to ‘harvest’ and what you have achieved. Autumn is a time for reflection, analysing the success of any ideas and projects you put into place in the ‘spring’.

Did the seeds you sowed bring you the bounty you desired?

Taking inventory of what worked and what can be improved on will bring the inspirational energy for the development of new plans during the winter. It is the perfect time when we have the opportunity to bring in our focus, to snuggle into a warm, secluded space and to plan and prepare for action in the spring.

Autumn maple leaves capture the change of the season.

Autumn maple leaves capture the change of the season. A time to reflect.