Magic Saturday

Saturday morning – how beautiful to have the privilege of playing the angelic sounds of the crystal singing bowls and a other instruments for a group of 16 aware women.

Thank you to Eva for running the sessions once a month in her wonderful home and inviting me to play.

I didn’t think two hours would pass so quickly – firstly talked about my journey and spiritual development in general, taught a protection technique to ward against other people’s negative thoughts and emotions in the quantum field/sea of consciousness in which we dwell, and answered many questions from the ladies interested in their spiritual progress


Many had never heard of the singing bowls before and were blown away by the experience. One said all her pain was gone on finishing the session, others said they could feel the energy swirling or coming into one ear then the other, and most felt more physically relaxed and emotionally calmer.

I was genuinely surprised when I received these wonderful gifts of a balsam in full bloom, some chocolates and a beautiful Willow statue of Love as I had offered my time freely.

What a beautiful start to the weekend.


Sacred Object – Dreamcatcher

My dreamcatcher is going to be used to create and to manifest. Different crystals and objects will be placed in the pouch in the centre and various prayer ties will be added to the surround to bring forth that which I wish to bring into my life.

Blog - Sacred Object

I wanted to share the divinely inspired and spiritually guided sacred object in the form of a dreamcatcher I am honoured to have made during the advanced shamanic training I am doing.

The beauty of the soft tones and white cockatoo feathers reminds me of the goodness and Light within myself and every living being.
It embodies the energies of the four directions and the elements they represent – the EAST, place of AIR (I have chosen a TEKTITE which brings wisdom from outer space) bringing connection with spirit, creativity and clarity of the mind;
the SOUTH, place of EARTH (I have used a horse tooth from North American Indian lands ?Navaho tribe) honouring the custodians of the land, the Noongaar people in WA, the standing people (the trees), all the animals and the ancestors;
the WEST, place of WATER (I have chosen some shells) bringing cleansing rains, salt water to clear the emotions, wise ones of the seas the whales, dolphins and dugongs who hold the records of humanity,
the NORTH, the place of FIRE (I have used some lava) bringing the sacred flame to eliminate negativity and burn up that which no longer serves us, the creatures of the desert, the obsidian glass born from volcanic action for protection; and
the CENTRE, place of BALANCE and SPIRIT (represented by the sacred pouch and clear quartz crystal), I honour Mother Earth below and Father Sky above and call upon guidance from my shamanic guides who love me unconditionally AHO.
With great respect for my teachers Mark and Sue from One Tribe, thank you.

Daily Wisdom – Channelled Message

Today’s card reading channelled message is using the beautifully illustrated Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path by talented artist, Francene Hart.

Blog - Daily Wisdom - Card Reading 21 May 2015

The torus is an electro-magnetic field which holds a great deal of power that has the ability to transform and bring about amazing change. The heart has a toroidal field of its own and there are several others which operate in and around the energetic body of every living being. Francene says that this green torus brings acceptance and trust.

My message for you today is that the spiralling light in various hues of green, brings an opening of the eyes, a deeper understanding of what it is that you see and not just the visions that come to your physical eyes, but to the specialised inner vision that you possess.

It is time to tap into the inner world behind your eyes that is invigorated and brought to life by the third eye. This powerful organ of imagination and visual belief is yours to access and to use to create positive change in your life. Start with the creation of a scene of peace and harmony filled with colour and light energy and then expand it to make a scene of perfection for you; see and know that you are in that perfection right now, experiencing the feel, the tastes, the smells, the sounds of this situation/space and then give it some positive emotion, power it up with your energy, your excitement, your love and your desire.

Focus on this beautiful scene for a moment and give thanks for all you have in your life including the challenges and hardships, and then allow the Universe to bring the perfection to you.

Crystal Wisdom for Today

Today is all about CYCLES represented by the beautiful crystal, MOONSTONE (Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian). The message is related to change and moving into a new phase in your life.

Blog - Reading 19 May 2015

The kindness and soft vibration of moonstone brings us into alignment with our Divine Self, encouraging us to stay within our current cycle until it is completed.

What is your cycle at the present? Call on the wisdom of moonstone to highlight the ‘theme’ to your situation. It is important to have an understanding of what is transpiring so that you can be more consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions, and to take note of any triggers bringing things to the surface to be acknowledged and dealt with. Give gratitude for your lessons and the assistance you receive.

Just know that there is no benefit in hiding from your current situation or wishing that it was already completed – a butterfly emerging from its cocoon before its time does not have the strength within to expand its wings to their fullest and therefore is doomed to die. Be patient and allow the changes to take place gently, allowing for full integration into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, for very soon the current cycle will be finished and a new one will begin.

Wesak Festival of Light – Celebrating the Buddha

Preparations are well under way for this year’s spiritually-based festival Wesak Festival being held in Perth on our long weekend Monday holiday – 1 JUNE 2015.
This is always a powerful and incredibly charged unique event. A host of inner-plane Masters grace us with their energetic presence including the Buddha and Christ was well as Guardians of the Earth, a range of Ascended Masters including Metatron, Mahatma and Melchizedek and Cosmic Beings of Light.

It is a potent time where Divine Light is more easily received, integrated and transformed into wisdom.
I love guiding the meditations, playing the crystal singing bowls and the North American Indian hoop drums which gently bring about healing through vibration and words.

Meeting in a spiritual and/or sacred way to the celebrate the Buddha not only benefits the individual on their spiritual path but aids the healing and progress of Mother Earth. With the presence of the Cosmic and Spiritual Hierarchy:
* Any obstacle can be released.
* Spiritual acceleration and clarity is enhanced.
* Connection with your Soul, Soul family and Monad is heightened.
* Significant healing can take place.

If you would like to join us please contact Lisa on 9355 5331 or 0439 939 508 so catering and room placement can be arranged.

Wesak Flyer 2015

Symphony of Peace Prayers – Another Successful Gathering

I had a wonderful day sharing prayers for world peace and harmony and playing the crystal singing bowls for the gathering.
The Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) is an annual event held worldwide bringing together people from all spiritual and religious practices. It was first held in 2005 at Fuji Sanctuary in Japan, hosted by Byakko Shinko Kai, an international grassroots organisation dedicated to world peace and the elevation of humanity’s consciousness through prayer and other activities and initiatives for peace.

May Peace Prevail on Earth was first introduced in 1955 by Masahisa Goi, the late founder of Byakko Shinko Kai.

May peace prevail on Earth

May peace be in our homes and countries

May our missions be accomplished

We thank you, guardian deities and guardian spirits.

You can say this little prayer any time to bring peace and harmony you and the world.

I thank the organisers Maryanne, Elaine and John for their invitation again this year, my third time, and I look forward to joining them again next year.

Symphony of Peace Prayers

As I sit finalising the Divine earth energies I am putting into the prayer I have chosen to be offered up at today’s Symphony of Peace Prayers being held in Bicton, Perth, I am feeling truly humbled.
The unconditional love and support offered by Mother Earth can, at times, be overwhelming. I encourage you to put your grounding connections down into the heart of the Mother at every opportunity to help you to remain stable, balanced and charged with vitality.
This is especially important with all the energetic changes occurring at the moment. There is a lot of instability, earthquakes and the like, indicating that we are entering a time of purging – release of negativity and blocks – so that we can once again progress with a determined faith that cannot be hampered.
People of many faiths and religions will be offering their prayers for world peace today – Baha’i, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist, to name a few.

I have chosen an Apache Blessing to honour Mother Earth, the Shamans of the world and every living being whom inhabits this beautiful world.

Blog - Apache Prayer

We live in such a beautiful world, may your eyes be opened to the immense beauty that surrounds you and give gratitude every day. I hope you have a day full of  blessings.