Hello, my name is Lisa Throssell and Across Dimensions is my innovative healing business which was established in 2000 when I was living in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Lisa Throssell

Lisa Throssell RN BSc

My passion for all things pertaining to healing and connecting with Spirit has been a constant in my life since a child.
I went into nursing to follow my passion to help people and to make a difference in others’ lives but soon realised that allopathic medicine, more often than not, was like a revolving door of dis-empowerment and mistrust, offering temporary, unsustainable ‘solutions’ which just left the patients feeling frustrated that they hadn’t been heard. Many times the true causes of their pain hadn’t even been addressed.
I decided to tackle things from a totally different angle – the start not the end! The current symptoms a person experiences are important, but they are the ‘end result’ not the beginning of the story. I like to find out what was the initial experience/trauma/distress and when did it occur, what were the likely triggers and most pivotal, why did that person disconnect from their body’s innate wisdom, their intuition and their Soul?
So many people I have assisted to regain their personal power, physical and mental health, spiritual strength, motivation, passion and love for life had all sorts of emotional issues associated with unfulfilled childhoods. Eventually their physical bodies couldn’t handle the energetic burden any longer; and disorder, dis-ease and illness had become their constant companions.
Nobody needs to live their life in pain and suffering, save those who have agreed to that particular karmic journey. And you know what? They are the ones who get on and do the best they can and you wouldn’t even know life was a struggle. Because when we understand our destined path; we can progress with grace, dignity and acceptance in the knowledge that we can tackle any challenge with the support of our Higher Soul and Spirit.
I have been very fortunate to have received much guidance, love and encouragement from a host of inter-dimensional beings of Light throughout my life. I want to share my knowledge, wisdom and incredible experiences with Spirit and help others to learn how we each can achieve balance, harmony and peace through our Divine connections.


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