Waiting – A chore or an Opportunity?

Hi there, I am sitting in the Qantas lounge at the Perth Domestic Airport waiting for a flight to Darwin. And waiting a bit more. The flight has been delayed by two hours.

In my youth I would likely have been annoyed or at least felt mightily inconvenienced by the change of plans, but these days I try not to have any expectations. What no expectations? I find that expecting something to happen or holding onto a specific outcome doesn’t allow for the Universe to provide us with amazing experiences, chances to learn, and to meet others.

People often bandy about the saying ‘go with the flow’ without truly comprehending its meaning. Being fluid and flexible really does offer us the opportunity to be in sync with the Universal flow and therefore to be a conscious co-creator of our own destiny.

We can always have a general plan of what we want to achieve, don’t get me wrong, setting a goal gives us a direction in which to travel, but setting the journey in stone limits us to experience those interactions which fit our self-imposed barriers and learned behaviours.

So I am revelling in the flight delay which has given me some much needed time to catch up on emails, to write some posts and connect with others. I also have no expectations of my journey to a remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory to share in the experience of the land and the wisdom of the women and men who live there.

i hope you too can along some serendipity, happenstance or coincidence to enter your life and to see it as the gift with which it is given by the Universe.