Magic Saturday

Saturday morning – how beautiful to have the privilege of playing the angelic sounds of the crystal singing bowls and a other instruments for a group of 16 aware women.

Thank you to Eva for running the sessions once a month in her wonderful home and inviting me to play.

I didn’t think two hours would pass so quickly – firstly talked about my journey and spiritual development in general, taught a protection technique to ward against other people’s negative thoughts and emotions in the quantum field/sea of consciousness in which we dwell, and answered many questions from the ladies interested in their spiritual progress


Many had never heard of the singing bowls before and were blown away by the experience. One said all her pain was gone on finishing the session, others said they could feel the energy swirling or coming into one ear then the other, and most felt more physically relaxed and emotionally calmer.

I was genuinely surprised when I received these wonderful gifts of a balsam in full bloom, some chocolates and a beautiful Willow statue of Love as I had offered my time freely.

What a beautiful start to the weekend.


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