Preparations for Wesak Festival – Healing for All

Well, it is going to be a huge day getting everything ready for the annual Wesak Festival – Celebration of the Buddha – tomorrow. Traditionally the spiritual observance of this day is on the Taurean full moon usually occurring in May, however we were guided to hold it on a Monday long weekend public/bank holiday (It is ‘Western Australia Day’) which is the offical United Nations Wesak Day.

It has become quite apparent as to why we were to bring forth the combined divine energies of the Buddha and the Christ now in concert with the wisdom and love of the Ascended Masters and the world and cosmic hierarchies. The land and people of Nepal have had a very challenging month and the whole area is in desperate need of re-balancing, calming and unconditional love to help heal and renew.

This trauma will be affecting the sacred Wesak Valley in Tibet where the ceremony is conducted on the Etheric plane. All who can raise their consciousness can attend in their spiritual bodies through meditation and take part in receiving the blessings of the Buddha and love from the Christ to assist with their personal spiritual development for the coming 12 months.

We also make the day a non-religious sharing of love, compassion and consideration for the Earth Mother and all her inhabitant, plants, animals and minerals included. Many healing sessions including sound, prayer, mantras and guided visualisations are conducted to bring about self-healing for all attendees, distant healing for all those written on the healing hearts, and world service work.

Maybe you would like to join us in a moment of meditation or contemplation sometime during the day Monday 1 June – 10am WST Australia which is 8 hours ahead of UTC time.

love and blessings to all.


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