Sacred Object – Dreamcatcher

My dreamcatcher is going to be used to create and to manifest. Different crystals and objects will be placed in the pouch in the centre and various prayer ties will be added to the surround to bring forth that which I wish to bring into my life.

Blog - Sacred Object

I wanted to share the divinely inspired and spiritually guided sacred object in the form of a dreamcatcher I am honoured to have made during the advanced shamanic training I am doing.

The beauty of the soft tones and white cockatoo feathers reminds me of the goodness and Light within myself and every living being.
It embodies the energies of the four directions and the elements they represent – the EAST, place of AIR (I have chosen a TEKTITE which brings wisdom from outer space) bringing connection with spirit, creativity and clarity of the mind;
the SOUTH, place of EARTH (I have used a horse tooth from North American Indian lands ?Navaho tribe) honouring the custodians of the land, the Noongaar people in WA, the standing people (the trees), all the animals and the ancestors;
the WEST, place of WATER (I have chosen some shells) bringing cleansing rains, salt water to clear the emotions, wise ones of the seas the whales, dolphins and dugongs who hold the records of humanity,
the NORTH, the place of FIRE (I have used some lava) bringing the sacred flame to eliminate negativity and burn up that which no longer serves us, the creatures of the desert, the obsidian glass born from volcanic action for protection; and
the CENTRE, place of BALANCE and SPIRIT (represented by the sacred pouch and clear quartz crystal), I honour Mother Earth below and Father Sky above and call upon guidance from my shamanic guides who love me unconditionally AHO.
With great respect for my teachers Mark and Sue from One Tribe, thank you.


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