Daily Wisdom – Channelled Message

Today’s card reading channelled message is using the beautifully illustrated Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path by talented artist, Francene Hart.

Blog - Daily Wisdom - Card Reading 21 May 2015

The torus is an electro-magnetic field which holds a great deal of power that has the ability to transform and bring about amazing change. The heart has a toroidal field of its own and there are several others which operate in and around the energetic body of every living being. Francene says that this green torus brings acceptance and trust.

My message for you today is that the spiralling light in various hues of green, brings an opening of the eyes, a deeper understanding of what it is that you see and not just the visions that come to your physical eyes, but to the specialised inner vision that you possess.

It is time to tap into the inner world behind your eyes that is invigorated and brought to life by the third eye. This powerful organ of imagination and visual belief is yours to access and to use to create positive change in your life. Start with the creation of a scene of peace and harmony filled with colour and light energy and then expand it to make a scene of perfection for you; see and know that you are in that perfection right now, experiencing the feel, the tastes, the smells, the sounds of this situation/space and then give it some positive emotion, power it up with your energy, your excitement, your love and your desire.

Focus on this beautiful scene for a moment and give thanks for all you have in your life including the challenges and hardships, and then allow the Universe to bring the perfection to you.


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