Wesak Festival of Light – Celebrating the Buddha

Preparations are well under way for this year’s spiritually-based festival Wesak Festival being held in Perth on our long weekend Monday holiday – 1 JUNE 2015.
This is always a powerful and incredibly charged unique event. A host of inner-plane Masters grace us with their energetic presence including the Buddha and Christ was well as Guardians of the Earth, a range of Ascended Masters including Metatron, Mahatma and Melchizedek and Cosmic Beings of Light.

It is a potent time where Divine Light is more easily received, integrated and transformed into wisdom.
I love guiding the meditations, playing the crystal singing bowls and the North American Indian hoop drums which gently bring about healing through vibration and words.

Meeting in a spiritual and/or sacred way to the celebrate the Buddha not only benefits the individual on their spiritual path but aids the healing and progress of Mother Earth. With the presence of the Cosmic and Spiritual Hierarchy:
* Any obstacle can be released.
* Spiritual acceleration and clarity is enhanced.
* Connection with your Soul, Soul family and Monad is heightened.
* Significant healing can take place.

If you would like to join us please contact Lisa on 9355 5331 or 0439 939 508 so catering and room placement can be arranged.

Wesak Flyer 2015


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