Symphony of Peace Prayers

As I sit finalising the Divine earth energies I am putting into the prayer I have chosen to be offered up at today’s Symphony of Peace Prayers being held in Bicton, Perth, I am feeling truly humbled.
The unconditional love and support offered by Mother Earth can, at times, be overwhelming. I encourage you to put your grounding connections down into the heart of the Mother at every opportunity to help you to remain stable, balanced and charged with vitality.
This is especially important with all the energetic changes occurring at the moment. There is a lot of instability, earthquakes and the like, indicating that we are entering a time of purging – release of negativity and blocks – so that we can once again progress with a determined faith that cannot be hampered.
People of many faiths and religions will be offering their prayers for world peace today – Baha’i, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist, to name a few.

I have chosen an Apache Blessing to honour Mother Earth, the Shamans of the world and every living being whom inhabits this beautiful world.

Blog - Apache Prayer

We live in such a beautiful world, may your eyes be opened to the immense beauty that surrounds you and give gratitude every day. I hope you have a day full of  blessings.


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